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Welcome to Ravee Mukhwas
Welcome to the world of Traditional & Authentic Indian Mukhwas. A traditional indian meal is never complete without the mukhwas. Ravee Mukhwas, the signature product of Ravee Food Products promises consistent & effortless digestion to its users.

Mukhwas is a flavorsome, appetizing, colorful indian after meal snack which serves as a digestive aid & freshens the breath.

Mukhwas is mostly sweet, sometimes salty & has an excellent aroma as it comprises of different flavours & essential oils, which makes it a treat for the eyes & tongue.

Mukhwas is available in various forms. some in form of mixture of various seeds & others as churan, churan goli & powder. Some are also dried, processed & flavoured natural fruits.

So let-us revive our age old tradition by developing a strong digestive system by making mukhwas & integral part of every meal.

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Ravee Food Products, the leading manufacturer & supplier of mukhwas is also a whole-seller of various packaged food…

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Mukhwas is available in various forms. Some in form of mixture of various seeds & others as churan, churan goli & powder….

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Ravee enjoys a monopoly in terms of excellent and prompt delivery methods, cutting edge technology for processing and…

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Experience – The management of Ravee Food Products has an unmatched experience over 2 decades….

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